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Production Design • Art Direction • Concept Art • Cinematography • Consulting • Mentorship



With 3+ decades of experience as production designer, creative director, art director, concept artist, cinematographer, set designer and gaffer, I have worked on some of the most famous and successful German animation movies, such as Heidi, Maya the Bee, Mia and MeLaura's Star and Lars The Little Polar Bear, which have garnered numerous international awards, including the German Film Prize, the Grimme Prize, an Emmy Award nomination and the Gold Panda Award. 
After leaving school and my electrical engineering studies at the TFH Berlin, my great fascination immediately turned to live action film, where I have enjoyed working for a decade as a camera assistant, property master, and gaffer for documentaries, well-known German TV series, features and news. With all this fundamental experience and my 5-year studies at the Private Art School Posin in Berlin, I left the live action sets nearly three decades ago and dedicated my passion and knowledge to animated film.
Ever since my first live-action film projects as a gaffer and camera assistant, I have been passionate about light, cinematography and environments. Up to this day, I love creating the most unique moments with very special light and shadow. 
As a production designer, I was mostly also the art director. And so I have been fortunate to work with many great international teams in Europe, Australia and Asia, leading them remotely or on location and being inspired by them to realize my artistic vision from initial concepts to the final movie. 
Currently I work as Production Designer and Art Director for Flying Bark Productions/Australia. 
I have been an appointed member of the German Film Academy since 2023 and an appointed member of the VES (Visual Effekts Society) since 2024.
Outside of film, I mainly  work artistically with land art. I create temporary works that are usually exposed to the tides and often disappear again after just a few hours. So the process of creation and impermanence is in the foreground.

➥ Filmography • CGI
2023 - 2024 • Feature Film Project in development
2022 - 2023 • Flamingo Flamenco • Feature Film
2021 - 2023 • Heidi, Rescue of the Lynx • Feature Film
2021 • My Freaky Family • Feature Film
2021 • Bongo • TV season 1
2021 • Maya the Bee • The golden Orb  • Feature Film
2021 • Tales from outer Suburbia • TV trailer
2021 •  Canterville Ghost  • Feature Film
2021 • Laura's Star • Live Action Feature Film
2019 - 2020 • Mia and Me • TV season 4
2021 • Mona Du • TV Pitch
2017 - 2022 • Mia and Me, Hero of Centopia • Feature Film
2017 - 2021 • Mystery Museum • TV season 1
2017 - 2018 • Lumi and Bo • TV shorts, clips, videos
2017 • Luis and the Aliens • Feature Film
2016 - 2017 • Ganesha • TV season 1
2016 - 2019 • The Worry Eaters • TV season 1
2015 - 2017 • Sherazade, the Untold Stories • TV season 1
2015 - 2016 • Mia and Me TV season 3
2015 - 2016 • Maya the Bee 2 • Feature Film
2014 • Princess Emmy • Feature Film
2014 • Elly and the Ghostly Ghost Train • Feature Film
2014 • Mullewap, Eine Schöne Schweinerei • Feature Film
2012 - 2014 • Maya the Bee • Feature Film
2011 - 2013 • No-Eard Bunny an Two Eared Chick • Feature Film
2009 - 2010 • Laura‘s Star and the Dream Monster • Feature Film
2007 - 2009 • Laura‘s Star and the Mysterious Dragon Nian • Feature Film
2005 - 2007 • Little Dodo • Feature Film
2005 - 2007 • Little Dodo • TV season 1 + 2
2003 - 2004 • Lars The Little Polar Bear • Feature film
2002 - 2003 • Laura’s Star • Feature film
2002 • School of Vampires • TV season 1
2000 - 2002 • Happily N'ever After • Feature Film
2001 • Moorhuhn Spots • TV spots
2000 • The Gnarfs • TV season 1
2000 • Nena • Pitch
2000 • Sherazade • TV Trailer
1999 - 2000 • The Abrafaxe • Feature Film
1998 - 1999 • Simsalagrimm • TV season 1 + 2
1998 • Werner • Volles Rooäää!!! • Feature Film
➥ Filmography • Live Action
1995 • Peter Lustig • Mittendrin • season 8
1995 • Frech wie Rudi • season 1 + 2
1994 • Peter Lustig • Mittendrin • season 6
1990 • Schimanski • Tatort • Unter Brüdern • Feature Film
​​​​​​​1989 - 1998 • SFB Berlin • Feature Film • Documentary • News
➥​​​​​​​ Recommendations via LinkedIn
I have had the pleasure of working closely with Ralph for the past decade on various international projects, including renowned animation features such as ‘Maya the Bee’, ‘Mia and me’, and ‘Heidi’.
As a Production Designer and Art Director, Ralph's creativity combined with his professional approach and dedication have consistently impressed me throughout our professional journey.

Ralph's outstanding expertise in the intricate world of animation is truly remarkable.
His ability to seamlessly blend his artistic vision with technical know-how is proof to his proficiency in the field. Whether it's crafting visually stunning concepts, developing style guides or thoroughly designing elaborate sets, Ralph approaches each project with unwavering passion and tremendous attention to detail, artistically as well as always keeping in mind the follow-up decisions regarding other departments.

One of Ralph's outstanding qualities is his ability to envision a story from the
beginning of the design phase to the final grading and to lead at all stages. In our years of collaboration, I've witnessed his ability to creatively lead diverse teams, fostering a highly focused and effective working environment. His communication skills and willingness to train his team members make him a valuable leader as well as a joy to work alongside.

His contributions to every project he was involved in have undeniably elevated the
visual storytelling and overall aesthetic appeal to the highest level. Ralph's dedication to pushing creative boundaries while staying true to the essence of each project is truly inspiring.

Without hesitation, I highly recommend Ralph for any role in the realm of Production Design for Animation Films, Art Direction, Concept Artistry, or Set Design.
His wealth of experience, artistic flair, and collaborative approach make him an invaluable asset to any creative team.
I am very happy about all productions like "Mia And Me" season 3 and 4, "Sherazade", "Mystery Museum" or "Die Sorgenfresser", which Ralph has realised magnificently in my company Hahn Film with the greatest personal responsibility and artistic competence as Senior Art Director and Senior Production Designer from the first concepts to the final grading. Especially his feeling for light is very unique. Both in his work as a production designer and as a photographer.

Ralph has led the productions of the last six years to great success through the rare combination of incredible artistic creativity and the most comprehensive technical understanding, his very good decision-making ability with a clear eye for the balance between budget and the highest artistic standards and his very good ability to lead, inspire and accompany small and large international teams, as well as his patience and perseverance.

Direct and close contacts were established with international studios in China and India through Ralph, enabling efficient workflows with the highest artistic output.
Existing brands such as "Mia und Me" or „Die Sorgenfresser" were visually elevated to a new, higher level and could thus be successfully further marketed internationally. New productions such as "Sherazade - Untold stories" were very successfully placed internationally.

I can unreservedly recommend Ralph as Senior Creative Director, Senior Art Director and Senior Production Designer. He has my full confidence and it has been a great honour to work with him over the past years. And I look forward to many more productions to continue working with him as quickly and often as possible.
Ralph Niemeyer worked for our studio as Art Director and Production Designer over several years. His creative contribution were vital to the success for several of our productions such as “Laura’s Stern”, “Der kleine Eisbär und die geheimnisvolle Insel”, “Kleiner Dodo” and our latest CGI movie ”Keinohrhase und Zweiohrküken”

Ralph Niemeyer was a reliable and valuable member of our team who always showed great sense of commitment for any of the projects he was working on. He was always motivated beyond his call of duty and was looking for innovative solutions within our working process. Co-workers as well as directors appreciated working with him. His artistic input, and his ideas have significantly influenced the productions.
We are looking forward working with him again on future projects.
Ralph is the most talented Art Director I had the pleasure of working on the production of Sorgenfresser, Mia and Me (season 4) and Mystery Museum at Hahn Film.

Ralph brings the Art Direction to a very high level quality. He is exceptional at creating a unique final look for every project.

Ralph has a long experience in the Animation industry with a deep knowledge of all the production stages involved to achieve the best quality of the Art Direction.

I highly recommend him as a Senior Art Director.

Sandra Salvador
Head of Production at Hahn Film AG
I have the privilege to work with Ralph for meanwhile four years. I am consistently impressed by both Ralph's attitude towards his fellow combatants and his performance on the job.

His interpersonal and communication skills have allowed him to develop productive working relationships with partners and colleagues and have just proven his abilities to artistically lead bigger and international teams.

Ralph possesses solid knowledge of the animation industry, a good eye for quality and a well trained hand that allows him to transfer his unlimited pool of creativety onto the digital paper. His ability to remain unflustered during frenzied periods proves his ability to work well under tight deadlines.

I highly recommend him as a senior art director and concept artist without reservation.