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Production Design • Art Direction • Concept Art • Cinematography • Consulting • Mentorship

Mia and Me is created by Gerhard Hahn.
End credits artwork
Some of the original digital painted artwork was used as a background for the end credits. The slight movement was realized with motion graphics. A mix of 2D muliplane layers, camera projection and vfx.
An ancient prophecy entwines around the magical gem in Mia’s bracelet. It takes Mia on an adventurous journey to the most remote islands of Centopia. There Mia not only faces a powerful enemy, but also takes her destiny into her own hands.
Toxor's throne room
The setting is the throne room of the antagonist. A mean and lonely frog. The strange vegetation is part of his universe. The balls are supposed to remind of frog spawn and with the tendrils, of an underwater world. The lights in the spawn are used as a light source. As well as the volumetric light from the outside.
Painted set design and color concept of lotus city. 
Due to the limited European budgets, I use this kind of paintings to cover several production steps in one go. It is the reference for an establishing shot, set modeling, dressing, texturing, shading, lighting, matte painting, vfx and comp.
Lotus City reference sheet
I deliver the set design and color concept together with a reference sheets as a base for modeling, texturing, shading, dressing and prop design. 
Painted set design of lotus city valley
Vegetation reference sheet
Inspired by Art Nouveau and the Artists of the Vienna Secession. Especially by Gustav Klimt.
Artistically, the world of Mia gives you extreme freedom and is like a gift. While many things are set in nature, you are extremely free when it comes to design. Especially when it comes to the color scheme, you are not bound to any real colors. Grass can be yellow or entire forests can be blue or red. And so you can create the mood of the individual sets completely freely.
The pool of fear...
 in which the antagonist was trapped. A mean and lonely frog. Mia must face and overcome her fear in the pool of fear to find the three magic stones.
I am proud of all the designs that have been created in collaboration with Marcus Hoogfeld and Fabian Schlaga.

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