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Laura's Star (German: Lauras Stern) is a 2004 German animated feature film produced and directed by Thilo Rothkirch. It is based on the well-known children's book Lauras Stern by Klaus Baumgart. 
Musik by Hans Zimmer

Set Design & Workbook by Ralph Niemeyer

It was released by the German distribution unit of Warner Bros. Pictures and is one of the final known theatrical films officially released through the Warner Bros. Family Entertainment label.
Awards: Deutscher Filmpreis – Bester Kinder- und Jugendfilm (2005)

Laura's Stern Key visual

Laura is a seven-year-old country girl who just moved with her family to a big city. On her first night in her new neighborhood, she sees a shooting star falling to Earth. Laura finds the star in a park and discovers that it is a living being. The star has severed one of its points during its crash landing. Laura takes the star back home in order to reattach its point with a Band-Aid.
Laura and her younger brother Tommy discover the little star has superpowers and can do amazing things, such as making people fly and bringing inanimate objects to life. However, over time, both notice that the longer the star stays on Earth, the weaker it becomes; its color gradually fades and its powers fail. The siblings and their next-door neighbor Max eventually find a way to send the little star back into outer space.

Set Design by Ralph Niemeyer

Set Design by Ralph Niemeyer

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