Ralph Niemeyer ➥ TV

Production Design • Art Direction • Concept Art • Cinematography • Consulting • Mentorship

Based on an idea by Gerd Hahn. Most famous for the stories of Mia and Me.
TV Series • CGI Animation
26 x 11'
What if your plush toy was alive and could help you through your trouble some times? Saggo and his friends – a chaotic, yet lovable bunch of Worry Eaters – juggle their lives between two realms: The human world, where they happily chew up the worries of their protégés; and DADA-Land, where they experience fun adventures of their own special kind.
Every episode begins in a children's room somewhere in the world. In Paris, Jamaica or New York. So 26 different children's rooms by day and by night. 
As the aim is to take away the children's fears, it was important to me to create an extremely positive mood through the light. Even at night.
During the day, there was direct sunlight in the individual rooms. The light illuminated the floor and so the bounce light became the main source of light in the rooms.
At night, the bed was always bathed in a bright light from the moon.

Baby Clair's room • 2D color and lighting concept art

Dada Land is the world of worry eaters. An abstract world in the shape of a pizza. Somewhere in the clouds.
The world is one big adventure playground where nothing really bad can happen. A colorful toy world in which even the stones look like they're made of felt. 
And at the center is a cardboard castle. Because every day there is a new queen or king. The king of the day. And as someone else is drawn by lot every day, there is no need for a real castle. Because everyone has their own house in Dada Land.

Docking station • 2D concept art by Ralph Niemeyer

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