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Maya the Bee (German: Die Biene Maja) is the main character in The Adventures of Maya the Bee, a German book written by Waldemar Bonsels and published in 1912.

Concept Art by Ralph Niemeyer

Maya The Bee • The Movie
Maya the Bee (promoted theatrically as Maya the Bee Movie) is a 2014 computer-animated comedy adventure film directed by Alexs Stadermann, loosely based on the 1975 anime Maya the Bee as well as indirectly the German children's book The Adventures of Maya the Bee by Waldemar Bonsels.

Color Concept & Set Design by Ralph Niemeyer

Work, diligence and honey – the life of a bee is actually well regulated, but not when it comes to the whirlwind called “Maya the Bee”. Curious and always on the lookout for adventure, she brings disorder into the hive – keeping her teacher, Miss Cassandra, on her toes. But all of a sudden, there’s even more commotion when the royal jelly – the elixir of life of the Queen Bee – is stolen! The royal advisor, Buzzlina, accuses the hornets and regards Maya as their ally…

WIP (work in progress) • Color concept and Set Design in progress by Ralph Niemeyer 

I started with concept art and as Production designer and art director, I was responsible for the whole look and feel of the movie. I created the first concept art, set designs, color concepts, style guides, moodboards, opening and end titles, props, textures, dressing elements, was involved in set modeling, character development, technical dressing development, stereo camera development, lighting, comp and grading. Including supervising international teams in Europe and Australia (Remote an in-house).

Moodboard supervising by Ralph Niemeyer

Concept Art and Set Design by Ralph Niemeyer 

End Titles • Design by Ralph Niemeyer

Key visual by Ralph Niemeyer

Have fun with the trailer:

Maya the Bee • Trailer

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