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Production Design • Art Direction • Concept Art • Cinematography • Consulting • Mentorship

Nickelodeon Germany Launches "Lumi & Bo" •  First Self-Produced Animated Series.
shorts • clips • videos
Lumi & Bo features two types of episodes, ranging from from 30 seconds to approximately 3.5 minutes. The shorter episodes featuring a mime-like story. In the longer adventures, the action and humour of the story is supported by a narrator, Bürger Lars Dietrich.

Baby Clair's room • 2D color and lighting concept art

Bo is big, orange and fluffy monster who is always patient and never strict and is like a big sibling Lumi, Bo's biggest human fan who wants to be like Bo so much, has even got a Bo costume! Lumi and Bo always see eye-to-eye and are always willing to help their friends reach their goals. The pair of unlikely best friends are united by their great big hearts and unconditional friendship. 
The series features a curriculum that focuses on social skills, friendship, problem solving and teamwork.
Work in progress color concept of a set in Venice, at the time of Vivaldi.

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