Ralph Niemeyer ➥ TV

Production Design • Art Direction • Concept Art • Cinematography • Consulting • Mentorship

Concept art and set design for the pitch of an animated TV show that was presented to the public at Cartoon Form Toulouse in 2014.
Elli, the little ghost, is looking for a new home and has been out and about for three nights when she finally discovers a fairground with a ghost train. 'Ghost train'. She thinks that sounds good. She stops in front of a closed door, knocks and when it is opened, she can hardly believe her eyes. Because in the ghost train, behind a secret door, live the inhabitants of the ghost train! The monster Martha, the vampire Rolf and the robot Knarf. And they are all just as surprised when they see Elli. Because they could really do with a ghost in their circle. Provided Elli can be spooky enough! So things get really exciting on the very first day on the ghost train when a little boy they scare loses his cuddly toy. As a result, everyone decides to search for the boy and bring him back his cuddly toy. It's a good thing nobody knows Elli's little secret ...
Based on the children's book by the well-known author Klaus Baumgart. Best known for his Lauras Stern children's books.
The inhabitants' bathroom
Knarf the robot has a petrol pump with which he can lubricate himself regularly. Martha the monster loves to make herself beautiful and dreams of a career as a top monster model. As Rolf can't see himself in the mirror, he has a picture of himself above the wash basin and they have converted a ghost train carriage into a bathtub for Elli.
The living room and bedroom.
Rolf sleeps, as befits a vampire, in a coffin behind a red velvet curtain. Knarf has a metal couch on which he can lie down when the batteries need recharging. 
Knarf's Workspace
Otherwise, Knarf spends most of his time keeping the ghost train running or repairing all sorts of things.
Martha likes to make herself comfortable in a discarded wagon at the fairground, eating her homemade cake and drinking a delicious cup of tea.
Martha's kitchen
Martha's favorite place is the kitchen, where she prepares all kinds of sweets and cakes. She has set everything up with all kinds of things that were no longer needed at the fair.
Announcement of the feature film adaptation in Variety magazine. Release in June 2024.

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