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Production Design • Art Direction • Concept Art • Cinematography • Consulting • Mentorship

Concept by Ralph Niemeyer

Based on the children's book by the well-known author Klaus Baumgart. Best known for his Lauras Stern children's books.
Elli, the little ghost, is looking for a new home and has been out and about for three nights when she finally discovers a fairground with a ghost train. 'Ghost train'. She thinks that sounds good. She stops in front of a closed door, knocks and when it is opened, she can hardly believe her eyes. Because in the ghost train, behind a secret door, live the inhabitants of the ghost train! And they are all just as surprised when they see Elli. Because they could really do with a ghost in their circle. Provided Elli can be spooky enough! So things get really exciting on the very first day on the ghost train when a little boy they scare loses his cuddly toy. As a result, everyone decides to search for the boy and bring him back his cuddly toy. It's a good thing nobody knows Elli's little secret ...
Set Design by Ralph Niemeyer
Pitch for an animated TV show.
Production Studio: Cartoon-Film Berlin

Presented at the Cartoon Forum Toulouse 2014.

Announcement of the movie adaptation in Variety magazine

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