Ralph Niemeyer ➥ TV

Production Design • Art Direction • Concept Art • Cinematography • Consulting • Mentorship

Based on an idea by Gerd Hahn. Most famous for the stories of Mia and Me and the Worry Eaters.
TV Series • 2D Animation
26 x 22'
Produced by Hahn Film (Germany), KiKA (Germany)
Broadcaster KiKA (Germany)
TOM and LISA are the twin Guardians of a family secret: Hidden in the amazing history museum of their grandmother Eleanore is an invention by their legendary ancestor Jules Verne: A TIME MACHINE! But alas! their vain Uncle Randolf has found meddling with history to be an irresistible shortcut to his own fame and fortune! 
Follow Tom and Lisa as they help Shakespeare, Vivaldi and Einstein defend their outstanding creations against this time-travelling trickster. Get ready to make history!
The characters and the background are built in 3D, but rendered and illuminated in a 2D style.
My job was to create a brief for the Asian studio that served as a guide for the characters, sets, colors, textures and lighting for all 26 episodes. The biggest challenge was that each episode was set in a completely different time and a completely different place. A major challenge in terms of the art direction. After all, it's about people from contemporary history. From Vivaldi to Einstein and from Amundsen to Robert Koch. So every show with new costumes, other sets, different props. The most modern episode is about the moon landing and the oldest is about the invention of paper in China. Only the mystery museum remained the same in all episodes. With the exception that the exhibitions in the museum changed according to the theme of the episode. What an artistic journey.
Work in progress color concept of a set in Venice, at the time of Vivaldi.

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